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Gashernish Point
Rudh' Ghaisinis
Mr John Macdonald
D. Beaton Loch Skiport
Admiralty Chart
A A Carmichael Esq.
049 Meaning Obscure, and is applied to a promontory situated at the North-east point of Loch Carnan, Proprietor John Gordon Esqr.
STROM NAM FEUSGAN Strom nan Fiasgan Mr John Macdonald
A.A. Carmichael Esq
D. Beaton
Rev [Reverend] A. M. Donald, The Manse, Kiltarlity, Beauly, N.B [North Britain] 1896.
049 Meaning "The Mussel Bay" Narrows - and is applied to a Salt Water creek, situated abut 20 chains to the South of the knoll known as Burning Rock. Proprietor John Gordon Esqr.
Mr John Macdonald
A A Carmichael Esq
D. Beaton
Johnston's Map
049 Said to mean "The [Iain] or Rain side island" ? and is applied to an island, situated a short distance to the East of Rudha Gashernish. Proprietor John Gordon Esqr. Cluny Castle.

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