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TEAMPULL CHRIOSD (Grave Yard Disused) Teampull Chriosd Mr M. Campbell
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name applies to the remains of an ancient chapel said to have been built by the "Lady Annie" at its north-west end a portion of it stands about 7 feet high and a few feet in diameter. Sticking tenuously together, with the mortar which was used in the ancient times. The other parts of it are nearly level to the ground and are partly covered with grass. An old grave yard (disused) surrounds it and is filled with grass. Situated a short distance to the north of Eachkamish in the Island of Baleshare.
EILEAN NA MOINE Eilean na Moine Mr M. Campbell
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name means Peat Island and is applied to a small island situated at the north-east end of Traigh Eachkamish and a short distance to the west of Eilean na Carnan.

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