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DUN NA DISE Dun na Tisa
Dun na Dise
Mr M. Campbell Baleshare
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name is applied to an old fort, situated at the north east extremity of Eilean na Carnan, on a prominent Knoll. It is in a very ruinous state only part of its site can be traced. Meaning obscure.
EILEAN MHIC LEOID Eilean Mhic Leoid Mr M. Campbell
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name means, "McLeods Island" and is applied to a small island situated about 12 chains to the south of Dun a Tisha [Dun na Dise].
EILEAN NAM FEADAN Eilean nam Feadan Mr M. Campbell
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name means "Island of the Reeds", and is applied to an island adjacent and to the south of Eilean na Carnan. Proprietor Sir J. P. Orde Bart [Baronet].

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The place name entry for Eilean Mhic Leoid refers to it being south of "Dun a Tisha". As there is no such place name in this Volume, I assume the authority meant "Dun Na Tisa" which is on this same page as an alternate to Dun na Dise[Dun na Dise].

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