List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
RUDHA NAM BRATHAINTIAN Rudha nam Brathaintian Mr John McLeod Joiner Knockline
Mr A McLennan Tenant Bayhead
A. A. Carmichael Esq
039 This name is applied to a small point of land on the sea coast situated in the district of Claddach-Kyles and about 20 chains north west of north end of Claddach-Kirkibost property of Sir J. P. Orde Bart [Baronet]. Signification "Point of the hand-mill".
DUN NA CARNAICH (SITE OF) Dun na Carnaich Site of Mr John McLeod Joiner Knockline 039 This name applies to the site of a Dun situated in the district of Claddach Kyles it is close to the sea coast and adjacent to [illegible - faint] and about 10 chains west of north west end of Claddach-Kyles on the property of Sir J. P. Orde Bart [Baronet]. This Dun resembles a cairn as much as a "Dun" or fort, there is still a mound remaining, composed of large & small stones, circular in shape, about 4 feet high and now overgrown with grass. It appears to have been hollow in the centre, and from the appearance of a part where stones have been taken out lately, there appears to have been chambers. It is 50 links in diameter. The name signifies "Stony fort".

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