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RUDHA BUIDHE SCOTVEN Rudha Buidhe Scotven Mr D. Stewart 045 Meaning, "Yellow Point of Scotven", and is applied to a point of land, situated on the west end of Grimsay, and north west of Ruadh-bruthach.
BAGH AN T-SEILISDEIR Bagh an t-Seilisdeir Mr D. Stewart 045 Meaning - "The sedge bay", and is applied to a creek, situated a short distance to the north of "Rudha Buidhe", Scotven.
AIRIDH LOCH NAN CUISEAG Airidh Loch nan Cuiseag Mr D. Stewart
A. A. Carmichael Esq
045 Meaning "Shealing of the loch of the Stalk" (or Straw?), and is applied to a small marshy loch, situated about 1/2 mile to the north of Ruadh-bruthach.

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While two words in the Description of 'Bagh an t-Seilisdeir' appear to have been crossed out, I have retained them as whoever crossed them out did not put alternatives and this makes the description lack sense.

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