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RUDH' AN DUIN Rudh' an Duin
Rouh an Duin
Dr McRae, Vallay
A. A. Carmichael Esq
030 This name applies to a small point of land [situated south of Teampull Mhuire] on which there are the remains of a Dun, or, as they are supposed to have been, Danish fort. The name signifies Point of the Fort or Castle. On Sir John Orde's property.
BACHDA MORA Bachda Mora J. Macdonald Esq Factor Newton 030 A portion of high ground on the north coast on the Island of Vallay. Meaning "Big Banks".
DUN (Rudh' an Duin) Dun (Rudh' an Duin) Dr McRae, Vallay 030 This name applies to a circular shaped ruin, the walls of which can be indistinctly traced, it is supposed to be of Danish origin. On Sir John Orde's property.

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County of Inverness -- Island of Vallay

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