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SGOR NA LAPAICH Sgòr na Làpaich
Sgòr na Làpaich
Revd. [Reverend] A D MacKenzie
Mr John Miller
037 ; 038 The name signifies "Miry Rock" and applies to a high mountain situate on the northern side of Loch Affric, where from its great height, and rocky eastern face, it forms a conspicuous object. It is on the property of The Chisholm of Chisholm
Loch Lapàich
Revd. [Reverend] A D MacKenzie
Mr. John Miller
038 This name signifies "Miry Loch" and applies to a small loch situate about 20 chains N. E [North East] of the Summit of "Sgòr na Lapaich" on the property of The Chisholm of Chisholm.
ALLT NA FAING Allt na Faing
Allt na Faing
Revd. [Reverend] A D MacKenzie
Mr John Miller
038 This name signifies "Burn of the Fold" and applies to a Small Stream, issuing from the northern end of "Loch Lapàich", and flowing for about a mile it turns S. [South] into Loch Affric, about 10 chains E [East] of "Loch Cosach".

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Parish of Kilmorack -- County of Inverness


Sgòr Làpach

This name has been referred to the field as another hill of the
Same name occurs in Sheet 15:Trace 4; and the following is the
final examiners's Reply, There are two hills so named, being situated
about 7 miles apart, the one in 15/4 being north of Glen Cannich, the other a
considerable distance south of the same Glen, and therefore are not, as Supposed, two
rocky points of the same hill. I beg also to State that there is no doubt in the minds of the
inhabitants of Glen Affric or neighbourhood respecting the name "Sgòr na Lapaich" as applied
on Sheet 38 trace 4. Probable height 3000 feet

Loch Làpach

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