List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GARBH-BHEALACH Garbh-bhealach Revd. [Reverend] A, D. MacKenzie
Mr H. McLean.
037 This name signifies "The Rough Pass" and applies to a hollow on the watershed, about 15 Chains NW. [North West] of "Loch a' Gharbh Bhealaich"
LOCH A' GHARBH-BHEALAICH Loch, a' Garbh-bhealaich Revd. [Reverend] A. D MacKenzie
Mr H McLean
037 This name signifies "Loch of the Rough Pass" and applies to a small loch situate about 15 chains S.E [South East] of "Garbh Bhealach", upon the property of The Chisholm of Chisholm Erchless Castle
ALLT A' GHARBH-BHEALAICH Allt a' Gharbh-bhealaich Revd. [Reverend] A. D. MacKenzie
Mr. H McLean
037 ; 038 This name signifies "Burn of the Rough Pass" and applies to a small Stream issuing from "Loch a Gharbh Bhealaich" and flowing E [East] to its Junction with "Amhain a' Ghlinne Fhiadhaich.

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Parish of Kilmorack -- County of Inverness.

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