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ALLT A' CHOIRE DHUIBH Allt a' Choire Dhuibh Rvd. [Reverend] A. D. McKenzie Free Church Manse Beauly
Mr. Macleay
016 ; 027 This name signifies Burn of the Black corry, it applies to a mountain stream, about a mile long, which rises on the east side of creag a' Choire Dhuibh, south of the River Cannich, and after running in a southwestern direction joins the River Cannich. half a mile east of Loch Car.
CARN DOIRE LEITHE Càrn Doire Léithe Rvd. [Reverend] A. D. McKenzie
Mr. John Campbell Keeper Muchrachd Glen Cannich
027 This name applies to a hill, covered wit heather and scattered rocks, situated about half a mile north of the River Cannich, and a mile northeast of Loch Car, The name signifies Cairn of the Grey Clump
The property of The Chisholm of Chisholm
MAM CAR Màm Car Rvd. [Reverend] A. D. McKenzie
Mr. John Campbell
027 This name signifies Hill of the Bend, or undulating hill it applies to a small heathy clad hill situated between Càrn Doire Leithe and River Cannich.
The Chisholm of Chisholm proprietor

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