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FASNAKYLE FOREST Fasnakyle Forest Mr. D. Duff, Factor Bank of Scotland, Inverness 026 ; 027 This name applies to a Deer [Forest --] Commencing at the Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Stat[ion --] "Beinn Acharain, on sheet 27 keeping [--] watershed in a westerly direct[ion] about half a mile West of "Tui[--] -ach" Sheet 26 thence by the Co. [County] Bdy [Boundary] in a northeasterly [--] to "Loch Mullardoch", thence f[--] the water Course to a point a[--]
20 Chains west of "Craskie Far[m][--] thence to a small Loch at [--] back of "Beinn Acharain" to above named Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station. The property of The Chisho[lm of] Chisholm.

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County of Inverness

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