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GARVE BRIDGE Garve Bridge.
Garve Bridge.
Garve Bridge.
Mr Archibald Anderson, Hilton Cottage.
Mr D, Kennedy GameKeeper, Cougie
Mr John Fraser Tomich
039 This name applies to a bridge over "Amhuinn Deabhaidh", on the road from Tomich to Cougie, on the property of Sir D. C. Marjoribanks, Guisachan House It is a private Bridge
Hilton Cottage
Hilton Cottage
Mr Archibald Anderson, Tenant
Mr Hugh Fraser,
Mr John Fraser,
039 This name applies to a small cottage situate about, 10 chains N [North] of Hilton Lodge, it is 2 stories in height, built of stone, and is the property of Sir D C Marjoribanks, Guisachan House.
Hilton Lodge
Hilton Lodge
Mr Archibald Anderson,
Mr Hugh Fraser,
Mr John Fraser.
039 This name applies to the western porter's lodge, of Guisachan House, and grounds, it is one storey in height, built of stone, and slated, is tenanted by Hugh Fraser, and belongs to Sir D. C Marjoribanks

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