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ALLT CAS A' CHUIRN Allt Cas a' Chuirn Revd. [Reverend] A. D. McKenzie
Mr. D. Kennedy
039 ; 052 This name Signifies "Rapid Stream of the Hill or Cairn, and applies to a mountain stream having its Source at Loch Na Leitir Beithe and flowing in a north easterly direction until it falls into Amhuinn Deabhaidh, at Garve Bridge
DROCHAID NA LUIB Drachaid na Luib Revd [Reverend] A, D, McKenzie
Mr. D. Kennedy
039 This name Signifies the "Bridge of the "Bend and applies to a Stone Bridge Spanning the Amhuinn Deabhaidh a short distance to the South east of Cnoc na Daimh, It is a private bridge
TORR GAOTHAR Tòrr Gaothar Revd. [Reverend] A, D, McKenzie
Mr. D. Kennedy
039 This name Signifies "Windy "Hill and applies to a small hillock, or mound, a little to the South of the point where the Stream "An Leth "Allt falls into Amhuinn Deabhaidh. and on the property of Sir D. C. MarjoribanKs M.P. [Member of Parliament] Guisachan House Strathglass,

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