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ALLT BAIL' A' CHLADAICH Allt Bail' a' Chladaich
Allt Bail' a' Chladaich
Revd. [Reverend] A, D, MacKenzie
Mr Hugh Fraser
039 This name signifies "Burn of the Town of the Stony Beach, or Shore", and applies to a stream formed by the Confluence of "Allt a Bhua chaille" and "Allt a choire Bhuidhe", and flows N.W [North West] until it joins Amhuinn Deabhaidh" immediately. W. [West] of Balcladaich
Revd. [Reverend] A D MacKenzie
Mr Hugh Fraser
Mr. John Fraser.
039 This name applies to a Farm-steading and Dairy house, Situated in the Policies of Guisachan House, from which it is distant about 50 Chains N.E, [North East] it is built of stone, and slated, and contains all necessary appendages to a home farm It is the property of Sir D. C Marjoribanks. Guisachan House.

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