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CARN NA GLAS-LEITIRE Càrn Na Glas-leitire Revd. [Reverend] A, D, McKenzie 039 [Situation] Kilm [Kilmorack]
This name Signifies Hill of the "Grey "Face, and applies to a woody hillock a Short distance north west of Loch Càrn Na Glas-Leitire. on the propt. [property] of The Chisholm of Chisholm,
BEINN NAN SPARRA Beinn Nan Spàrra Revd. [Reverend] A. D. McKenzie 039 [Situation] Kilm [Kilmorack]
This name Signifies the Hill of the "Spars or "Rafters. It is Situated about three fourths of a mile north of Loch "na "Faing, on the property of the Chisholm of Chisholm.
LOCH INNIS GHEAMHRAIDH Loch Innis Gheamhraidh Revd. A. D. McKenzie 039 This name Signifies the Loch of the Winter Shieling, and applies to a Loch about fifteen Chains long. and having an average breadth of about seven Chains Situated about three quarters of a mile north west of Knocfin Bridge. on the property of the Chisholm of Chisholm,

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County of Inverness -- 6 Inch Sheet 39 Traces 1. 2. & 4
Parish of Kilmorack


The Revd. [Reverend] A. D. MacKenzie has altered this name when
Submitted to him; also the name of the Stream in page when referrred to him

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