List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AN T-EILEAN An t-Eilean
An t-Eilean
Revd A.D.MacKenzie
Mr Colin Campbell
009 The name signifies "The Irland" and applies to a portion of hill land lying upon the southern slope of "Cain nam Pollan" between Caligram Burn and "Allt Coire Mheadoin" which with the exception of a short distance between the sources of these two streams is surrounded by them,it is upon the property of Lord Lovat.
CARN NAM POLLAN Carn nam Pollan
Carn nam Pollan
Revd A.D.MacKenzie
Mr colin Caombell
009 This name signifies "The [Miny] or Boggy Cairn" and is applies to a considerable enimence, situated about a mile N.E. of Beine a'Bha'ach Ard upon the Country Boundary between Ross and Inverness. upon the property of Lord Lovat. Beaufort Castle, by BEauly

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