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SGURR COIRE NA FEINNE Sgùrr Coire na Feinne Revd. [Reverend] Mr Cameron
Mr. A. McDonald
079 A prominent feature on the boundary between Ross & Inverness Shires. Property of E. Ellice Esq, Meaning "Hill of the Hollow of the Fingalians",
ALLT GLAC A' CHUILEIN Allt Glac a Chuilein Revd. [Reverend] Mr Cameron
Mr. A. McDonald
079 A considerable stream flowing through a pass of the same name, and joining the River Quoich at Alltbeithe, Meaning "Burn of the Hollow of the Cub or Pup".
MAOL CHEANN-DEARG Maol Cheann-dearg Revd [Reverend] Mr Cameron
Mr McPherson, Glenquoich Lodge
079 A lofty ridge along the Summit of which the the boundary between the Counties of Ross & Inverness passes. Meaning "The Redheaded, Bald, or Blunt Hill".

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Co. [County] Inverness


[Sgùrr Coire na Feinne]
see Reply by Revd. [Reverend] Mr Cameron

[Maol Cheann-dearg]
Property of E. Ellice Esq. M.P. [Member of Parliament]

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