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Fort George
Fort George
Lieut [Lieutenant] McCallum Commanding R.A. [Royal Artillery]
Mr Edes Clerk of Works Barrack
Sergeant Davidson
001 ; 001 and covered way. The re-entering places of arms are also fortified, North and South are defended, each, by two fronts and the West by three Bastions, there are embrasures for mounting 57 Guns, and 5 platforms for guns without embrasures. These guns are used for firing salutes, also 4 mortar platforms. There has been recently added to the defences of the Sea front 9. 68 pounder Armstrong Guns on traversing platforms. The North & South Curtains are Casemated and numbered from 1 to 54 but are now unfit for occupation some of the apartments are used as stores. Under the new regulations for the accomodation of troops there is only room for 978 Officers and men, and stabling for 20 horses.

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