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Duthel Parish
Extract from the Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Shaw's History of the Province of Moray dated 1775

parish of Duthel lieth on the west side of the River Spey: but
parish of Rothemurchus that is united to it, is on the east side.
[Du]thel is divided into two parts by a ridge of hills running -- Descriptive
[fr]om south to north. The south east side of these hills is called
[De]asoil, i.e. Southward; and the north west side is called -- Name descriptive
[D]athail, i.e. Northward; and hence is the name, Duthel. -- Name descriptive
[The] rapid rivulet Tuilenan, watereth this north side of the -- Now written "Dulnan"
parish. On Tuilenan, from north to south, lies Tullochgriban -- Shown
[M]ullachard, Achterblair, and Inverladenan, etc the seats -- Mullachard shown
[of] gentleman of the name of Grant
The Deasoil, or south side of the hills, stretcheth on the banks -- Name obsolete
Spey, from Tullochgorum to the borders of Badenoch, 5 miles
in length and not one in breadth. In the east end is Gartenbeg the -- shown
ancient seat of the clan Donachie, of whom Sir Ludovick Grant
of Dalvey is now the representer. Lauchlan Grant, now of Gartenbeg -- shown
[is] of that family. Next is Kincherdie, the seat of a branch of the -- Kinchurdy written
house of Grant. Farther up is Aviemore, which [with Linechuirn) -- Aviemore written
was the residence of a branch of the family of Glenmorriston now extinct
And on the borders of Badenoch is the Western Craig Elachie. -- Not in the parish
Upon the west bank of the river, where now the passage boat of
Gartenmore crosseth, stood the house of Glenchernich, as yet called -- shown
Bigla's house, because Bigla heiress of Glenchernich married to -- shown
the Laird of Grant, was the last of the Cummines that enjoyed that
land. The house stood on a green moate, fenced by a dry ditch, the
vestiges of which are still to be seen.
Duthel and Rothemurchus united: The former dedicated
[to] St. Peter, and the other to St. Tuchaldus, and a glebe in each -- Site of St Peters chapel shown Duthil
parish. There was in Achnahatnich in Rothemurchus, a chapel
dedicated to St. Eata.
The church (of Rothemurchus) standeth on the river, a half mile
below the south end of the parish, 6 miles south from Duthel; 6 miles
S.W. [Southwest] from Abernethie; one and a half mile S.E. [Southeast] from Alvie. -- Not examined yet
Corpl [Corporal] Daniels R.E. [Royal Engineers]

Transcriber's notes

Throughout this page, Rothiemurchus is spelled without an "i". This is not how Shaw wrote it, so assume it was changed by the transcriber.

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