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took place and the Shaws prevailed. Not one of the the foe exaped, and
thus the sword effected what the law dared not accomplish. At the base
of the Calart, there is a hollow still known by the name of Lag-na-Cumminich, -- Name Supplied
indicative of the spot where the tragedy was acted.
A day of retributive justice at length overtook the race of Shaw for this
deed of blood. The last of that name who held the property, actuated by a
spirit of malignant envy, murdered his step father, the Dallas, an act
which so irritated the mother of the youth, that, collecting the deeds and
instruments by which her son could hope to hold the property, she escaped
to Castle Grant, and surrendered to John Grant of Freuchy the whole
rights and interests of the young Shaw.
Connected with the history of the parish is the slaughter of one of the
Earls of Athole, who, fleeing before his enemies, was surprised and
murdered, when taking shelter behind a large stone near the summit
of Inch Riach, called to this day, in allusion to the event,
Clach-Mhic-Allan, the Earl of Athole's Stone. -- Supplied on traces
John Roy Stewart, one of Prince Charlie's Colonels, and a native
of Kincardine in this vicinity, fled from the battle of Culloden and
concealed himself for many years in the forests of Glenmora and Rothiemurchus -- descriptive

Antiquities. -- The Castle of Loch-an-Eilean is the only antiquity in -- written
the parish. It stands upon an island evidently artificially formed in a
part of the lake of great depth. The remains of a pathway from the
mainland are easily traced. The date of its erection, and indeed
the purposes for which it was originally built, are hid in obscurity,
antiquarians disputing whether it was intended as a stronghold
or a religious house. Tradition refers it to the era of the Cummings,
as one of their houses of retreat during early feudal broils.
The modern mansion house at the Doune, the residence of the proprietor
is the only building of note in the parish.
Communication is kept up with the great Highland road by
means of a ferry-boat across the Spey at Inverdruie, distant from -- Boathouse shown on traces
the line about 1/2 a mile, and by several private boats. The sub post
office at Lynwilg, is the receiving office of the district.

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