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Drumullie Mill
Drumullie Mill
Drumuillie Mill
Drummullie Mill
Revd [Reverend] William Forsyth Ph [Parish] Manse Abernethy
J. Smith Esqr Factor Grantown
Estate Plan 1812
Rent Receipt 1866
Mr George Stewart occupier
046 A farm Steading and Corn Mill the former consisting of dwelling house And outhouses one Storey high thatched and in good repair the later two Storeys Slated and worked by water power alone also attached to the Mill a Saw Mill worked by the Same power all adjacent to each other, the property of the Earl of Seafield
Tom Bigla
Tom Bigla
Revd [Reverend] W. Foryth
Mr John Grant Ph [Parish] School Abernethy
Mr George Stewart occupier
046 This name applies to a Small but rather prominent hillocK about 100 feet high above the River Spey on the north bank of which it Stands, it is very Steep on the River Side but gently Slopes to the land. on the Summit is a Rectangular trench or ditch about 7 feet deep 20 feet wide at the top and Sloping on each Side to the bottom which is about 7 feet wide, traditionally said to enclose at one time "Bigla Cummings" Castle, there is not a vestige nor even a trace of this Castle to be Seen now.
BIGLA CUMMING'S CASTLE (Remains of) 046 See above entry for Tom Bigla
STANDING STONE 046 About a 11 chains east of this object along the River edge and on the Same Side is a Standing Stone Slablike 5 feet high 2½ feet wide and about 3 inches thicK erected about four years ago, the following is cut in capitals letters on each Side (i.e.) in English on one Side and in Gailic on the other Viz,
"Erected at the request of the late William Grant SlocK for a Memorial of a Signal Manifestation of the Divine power in dividing this Water and causing a passage whereby the Remains of a Certain Woman was carried over on dry ground".
Tradition Says that a woman dying in Garten Some 4 or 5 hundred years ago Requested to be buried in Duthil but on being told that there was too great a flood in the Spey, She made answer and Said take me to the water Side and See if you can not get over dry, they did So, and to their Surprise found the water's divided and got over quite dry as was told them Mr Grant believe in the Miracle, and used to Visit the place Regularly and before he died he caused the Stone to be cut at his request and it was put after he died at the place where he believed the waters were divided.

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