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Cairn Gollan
Cairn Gollan
Mr. McDonald Schoolmaster
Mr. D. Fraser, Milton
020 This is a small hill covered with heather, it is situated about a quarter of a mile to the West of Clach na Faire and the top of which forms part of the boundary betwixt this and the adjoining parish of Daviot and Dunlichity It is an Anglicised Gaelic name,
CLACH NA FAIRE Clach na Faire
Clach na Faire
Clach na Faire
Mr, D, Fraser, Milton
Mr. D. Fraser Knockbui
Mr. D. Whyte
020 This name is given to a large round stone which lies on the top of Creag a`Chlachain, from which an extensive view is obtained, Formerly it was used as a place from the approach of an enemy could be signalled, hence the name. It stands on the Boundary betwixt this and the adjoining parish of Daviot and Dunlochity. It means Watching Stone
CREAG A' CHLACHAIN Creag a`Chlachain
Creag a`Chlachain
Creag a`Chlachain
Mr. D. Fraser, Milton of Tordarroch
Mr. D. Fraser, Knockbui
Mr. D. Whyte, Schoolmaster Culaird
020 This is a large hill, very rocky and having several craigs on its south and Eastern slopes and which is situated a short distance to the West of Dunlochity Church, and part of which lies in the Ph. [Parish] of Dores. It is partly on the estate of The Mackintosh of Moy Hall, It means Craig of the Church Yard.

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