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ALLT A' CHNUIC CHONAISG Allt a' Chnuic Chonaisg
Allt a' Chnuic Chonaisg
Allt a' Chnuic Chonaisg
Mr John Fraser Midtown
Mr Barron, Factor & Forester
Mr. D. Whyte
019 This is a small crooked stream which rises near Midtown, and runs generally in a Westerly direction and is in length about one mile. It enters Loch Ness, about half a mile south of Dores village It means stream of the Whinny Hillock
Cnoc Liath
Cnoc Liath
Mr J. Fraser, Shepherd, Midtown
Mr. Barron, Dores
Mr. D, Whyte,
019 This name is given to a very small hill, which was formerly under cultivation, but is now covered with rough grass; I
t is situated about half a mile north of Midtown. It is on the estate of Col [Colonel] Tytler Aldourie Castle It means, Grey Knoll
GLAC NA CEARDAICH Glac na Ceàrdaich
Glac na Ceàrdaich
Glac na Ceàrdaich
Mr. John Fraser Midtown
Mr. Barron
Mr. D, Whyte
019 This name is applied to a small hollow in the Clune Wood, which lies about a mile South East of Dores. It is on Col [Colonel] Tytler's Estate It means, Smithy Hollow

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