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CHURCH [Newton] Church (Parish) Rev. [Reverend] M. McIntyre.
Mr D. Stewart.
Mr P. McDonald
054 This church was built in 1780 and is seated to accommodate 400, it is of an oblong form and a very plain style of architecture. It is the property of the Heritor.
NEWTON Newton Mr James Muir.
Mr W. F. McLean.
Mr D. Stewart.
054 This name applies to 4 cottages, all of one story in height and in middling repair. The property of the heritors of the parish.
SCHOOL [Newton] School (parish) Mr D. Stewart schoolmaster.
Rev. [Reverend] M. McIntyre.
Mr P. McDonald
054 This school is one story high with dwelling house attached, the ordinary branches of education are taught with Latin and mathematics, attendance is of both sexes, supported by Heritors and school fees.

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County of Inverness -- Parish of Boleskine & Abertarff

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