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[These are loose items, notes which the surveyors have pinned to the volume as relevant to the work]


A Letter from the Ordnance Survey Office Southampton [dated] 13th June 1883

Mr Peter
Dear Sir
Your name is given as an authority for spelling the name of the village of “Fort Augustus” thus: "Fortaugustus" all in one word and with a small "a" for Augustus. As I am confident this is an error I would be glad if you will be good enough to state hereon what you consider to be the correct way of writing the name.

I am, Dear Sir
yours faithfully
G. Herb Boland
[Major] RE [Royal Engineers]

[A reply written in the margin on the same letter]

I never saw Fort Augustus spelt otherwise than as I have put it here, except in a telegram when A was put Fortaugustus to be committed as one word.
[Signed] J. M. Peter
Lovat Estate Office

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