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battle was begun in 1858, D[missing] from some cause was aban[doned] A well is still to be seen near [missing] grave to which it is said D[missing]wounded and dying crawled to quench their thirst- hence [missing] Name " Well of the Dead". (See Name Book of Croy and Dalrcross for this Well)
The following is taken from Fullerton's Gaze[tte]. The battle (Culloden) was fought on a ridge of the [Missing] when its general surface begins to incline towa[rd] the river Nairn. A new carriage road has recently [missing] made through ot, which touches the principal Graves at their northern extremity. These graves consist of two or three grass covered mounds slighty above the adjoining heath at the distance 200 or 300 yards from a small patch of corn[missing] and a cluster of cottages, between which and them a marshy hollow intervenes. Before reaching them, the Castle of Dalcoss, which had been rising [as a] square massive farm a little to the west of a wood terminates the m[missing]the east disappears from the view, and shortly afterwards, in the very opposite direction pine clad corridal summit of Dun Daviot come in sight, closing in the vista on the south [missing]

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