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CLACH NA SANAIS Clach na Sanais
Clach na Sanais
Clach na Sanais
Clach na Sanais
Mr Falconer Croy
Mr McDonald Croy
Mr McLennan Croy
New Statistical Account,
005 A rock about 12 feet long by 6 in width and about 4 feet in height, it is situated on the North west side of the County Road which passes through the village of Croy. "Clach na Seanaish that is the "listening stone"commorative of those barbarous deeds which too frequently the memory of our ancestors. The Cummings conceiving they has received some offence from the MacKintoshes, were determined to be revenged, and concealing their bloody purpose invited the MacKintoshes to the castle of Raid, where all animosities should be buried in oblivion at the festive board. One of the Cummings from Compunction of conscience, or for regard for one of the intended victims, sent private notice to one of the MacKintoshes to meet his friend, he disclosed the bloody and treacherous intentions of his clan. The MacKintoshes being then made aware of the design of the rendezvous, nothing daunted repaired to the Castle at the appointed hour, and before the Cummings could give the signal for attack, each MacKintosh plunged a dagger in the bosom of a Cumming and only saved the life of the man who communicated the treachery to the Greystone"

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County of Inverness -- Parish of Croy & Dalcross

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