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MILLTOWN OF CLAVA Milltown of Clava
Milltown of Clava
Milltown of Clava
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McDonald, Daviot Manse
Mr. William Kemp, Schoolmaster Daviot
Mr Charles McKenzie, Ballaggan
013 Two dwelling houses, and offices, one storey high thatched, and in very fair condition.
Property of H. Davidson Esq. Cantray. This name was derived from an old Mill South of the dwelling house, now a ruin.
STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Two: Milltown of Clava] Stone Circle (Remains of)
Stone Circle (Remains of)
Stone Circle (Remains of)
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McDonald
Mr. William Kemp
Mr. Charles McKenzie
013 The remains of two Druidical Temples for which this district is celebrated standing about 50 yards apart on a haugh 220 yards south of the Miltown of Clava. Each consists of three stones, of which, one only stands. This stone is of immense size, standing 10 feet at least above the ground. It is smooth and in shape not very unlike a grave stone; it bears no inscription or marks of any kind.

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County of Inverness -- Parish of Croy and Dalcross

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