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Extracts from a Survey of the Province of Moray dated 1798
Parish of Urquhart
By the lofty mountain of Mhalfourvonnie, [Mhalfourvonnie, the
Parish is divided into two districts, Urquhart upon its
northern, and Glenmoriston upon its southern side;
and they may be conceived as Valleys stretching nearly
parallel, towards the west, from the margin of Loughness
The mountain of Mhalfourvonnie, signifying in Gaelic
"a cold wart, or excrescence of a hill." Upon the western side
at the bottom of the peak, is a small lake, its surface is about
4 acres: it is supported by springs, and the rains which
drift pretty frequent around the sides of the peak. The trout
are in such numbers as to have distinguished this little
lake by their own Gaelic characteristic, namely the
lake of the red-bellied trout.
The valley of Glenmoriston opens at the distance of about ten
miles from the influx of the river Urquhart: the road
between winds over the declivities in the precipitous
face of Mhalfourvonnie and is carried over the stream
of Altktkenis upon an ancient arch, named Trochet-
na-Crekil-Renish, the bridge of the wooded rocks.
Glenmoriston itself, signifying the great valley of the deep
cascade, opens on the lake between the fronts of two lofty
cliffs, reared up in gloomy grandeur: the one is called
Craig-Kinian, the giant's rock; the other a sable peak
projecting over the lake, is denominated Struan-Muich,
the promontory of the boar. The road is continued to Fort
Augustus, across the river of Moriston, by an elegant
light bridge of two arches, meeting on the great rock in the
middle of the stream, with a pretty cascade in each of its channels.
Although the river has its origen far distant in Glensheal,
forming in its progress the long winding lake of Clunie
yet the volume of water is not so large as that which
forms the fall of Kilmorack.
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Examiners replies to names and underlined portions.
[Mhalfourvonnie] -- Shewn
[Urquhart] -- shewn Glen Urquhart
[Loughness] -- Written Loch Ness
[lake of the red-bellied trout] -- What is the correct Gaelic name for this lake see ?? -- Meaning given -- Written & described
[river Urquhart] Written River Enrick
[Mhalfourvonnie ... the stream of Altktkenis ... Trochet-na-Crekil-Renish, ... Glenmoriston itself ... deep cascade] -- Not in my work. [Initialed] J.D.
[Craig-Kinian] -- Written and described
[Struan-Muich] -- Written and described
[river of Moriston, ... lake of Clunie -- Not in my work. [Initialed] J.D.

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