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The public burying places in this parish were
probably formed round the shrines of Saints or Ancient
Chapels; and in Urquart there is one at Kilmore,
the great burying ground, within which the present parish
church stands; One at Cill-Santninian, near Temple;
one at Cillmhichael, a short distance west of Drum-
nadrochit; and another in the height of the country at
Corrymony, called Claodh Churidan, the burial place of
Curidan. In Glenmoriston, the sequestered and
picturesquely lying burial place called Clachan an
Inair, that is the burying ground of the lower district, is
situated at the mouth of the valley, and another higher up
is denominated in honour of and old saint, Clachan
Merechard, the word clachan literally a stone, being
the distinctive appellation for a fane or church. Numerous
Sepulchral Cairns and Circles of upright stones
or ancient Pagan temples exist in the district, but none
so large as to merit a particular description.
It may be added, that the burn of Aultsigh was, in
the early part of the 17th Century, the scene of a conflict,
which is one of the most memorable connected with
the parish, betwixt a party of the Macdonalds of Glen-
garry, and the Mackenzies of Ross-shire.
This has been commemorated in a celebrated pibroch
called "the Raid of Cill-Christ" said to have been
composed by the Glengarry piper during the conflagration
of the Church which occasioned the conflict
Land owners - Sir Lewis Alexander Grant of Grant
Baronet; Earl of Seafield, Balmcaan; James Murray
Grant, Esq of Glenmoriston and Moy; Patrick Grant,
Esq of Lakefield; and Thomas Ogilvie Esq of Corrymony,
the principal hamlet called Milntown contains
about 36 houses and 150 inhabitants.
A branch of a district road was conducted up to [Continued on Page 84f]

[there is one at Kilmore] -- Shewn
[One at Cill-Santninian, near Temple] -- Shewn
[one at Cillmhichael] -- Written Kilmichael
[Drumnadrochit ... and another ... called Claodh Churidan] -- Shewn
[called Clachan an Inair] -- Written and described
[Clachan Merechard] -- not Exd [Examined]
[Sepulchral Cairns and Circles] -- Shewn
[that the burn of Aultsigh was] -- Shewn on Trace 3 of Sheet 53
[the scene of a conflict] -- be shewn
[celebrated pibroch] -- Not Exd [Examined]
["Cill-Christ"... the Church which occasioned the conflict] -- Can the site of this Church be shewn
[Balmcaan] -- Written
[Glenmoriston and Moy] -- Shewn
[Milntown] -- Written Milton

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