List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BLAR NA DUBH-GHLAIG Blàr na Dubh-ghlaic Mr. D. Whyte
Mr. Farquhar Smith
042 This name signifies "Moss of the Black Hollow" and is applied to a peat moss situated between Càrn Righean and Càrn Bad na h-Earbaig The property of Neil John McGillivray esq. of Drunmaglass, Co. [County] Inverness
CÀRN RIGHEAN Càrn Righean Mr. D. Whyte
Mr. F. Smith Dunmaglass
042 This name signifies "Cairn of the Fields" and is applied to a considerable eminence situated immediately west of Féith Ghlas. The property of N. J. McGillivray esq
FÉITH GHLAS Féith Ghlas Mr. D. Whyte
Mr. F. Smith
042 This stream collects in a Moss called Blàr an Doire and flows in a northerly direction until it joins Allt na Crìche about 25 chains west of Clovendell. Name signifies "Grey Stream"

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County of Inverness — Parish of Daviot and Dunlichity

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