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MARTIN'S STONE Martin's Stone
Martin's Stone
Martin's Stone
David Bell. Old Balkello.
Charles Bell. Balkello.
Alexander Boag N. [North] Balluderon
049 [Situation] About 23 chains S by W [South by West] of South Balluderon
This name applies to a standing stone situated on the farm of Balkello, on which is sculptured figures of men on horseback. dogs. and Serpents.
The tradition seems thus:
A farmer residing at Baldragon. Parish of Mains who had nine Daughters sent one of them to fetch him a draught of water from the fountain. The girl not returning quickly another was sent, who did not return either, and another until they were all absent on the same errand. Alarmed at this the farmer went himself and as he approached the spring he saw the whole of his nine daughters lying dead. He along with some of his neighbours on looking about saw two large Snakes which had just Killed his daughters. and pursuing them Killed them on the farm of Balkello. This Stone or Monument marking the site when they were slain.
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