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Remains of DRUIDICAL TEMPLE (Supposed) [Balkemback Wood] Supposed Druidicacl Temple Remains of
Supposed Druidical Temple Remains of
Old Statistical Account.
George Langlands, Balkemback.
049 [Situation] In the west side of Balkemback Wood
This name applies to four large Stones, two of which are now standing and about four feet in height, Situated in the west side of Balkemback Wood. The Stones which now remain with some others which have been destroyed formed a circle 31 feet in diameter.

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Parish of Tealing -- Sheet 49 No.4 Trace 6

On the farm of Balckembeck are several great
round stones placed in a circle evidently the remains
of a Druidical temple. Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 4 p. [page] 101

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