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TUMULUS (Site of) [Ballownie] Tumulus (site of)
Tumulus (site of)
Tumulus (site of)
Tumulus (site of)
(Re or Rye Hillock)
Dalrymple's Annals
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
David Reid, Ballownie
Memorial of Angus & Mearns
027 "On the farm of Ballownie, about 1100 yards west from the Church were lately discovered, in a mound, which was named the Lousy Hillock, some relics of antiquity, which seemed to indicate that it had been used as a place of sacrifice by the Druids &c &c
New Stat [Statistical] Account.
"On opening the Re or Rye Hillock near the Church, a few years ago, a carefully constructed stone coffin was found on the top, about two feet below the surface. It contained human remains, and the figure of a fish, which the peasantry say "was made of gold, and about a finger length", This interesting relic, which was carried off by the workmen and lost, had, perhaps, been part of the armorial ensigns of the person interred, and as the Earl of Moray was killed here" (see 19.16) "this may have been the place of his burial.... Tytler says that Kenneth III also came by his death here, and tradition affirms that three Danish Chiefs were buried in the North east corner of the Kirk"
Dalrymple's Annals
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Tumuli on Plan
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