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Battle Continued [continued from page 9]
"found on the top, about two feet below the surface, It contained human remains, and the figure of a fish, which the peasantry say was 'made of gold; and about a finger length', This interesting relic, which was carried off by the workmen and lost, had, perhaps, been part of the armorial ensigns of the person interred, and, as the Earl of Moray was killed here, this may have been the place of his burial"
Dalrymple's Annals, as given in a note at foot of page 262 Land of the Lindsays.

"Stracathro signifies either "the Battle in the Strath" or "the Valley of the forts", and is supposed to have been so called from a battle which was fought in its neighbourhood, not far from the celebrated hills, Caterthun, in 1130, between King David and Angus Earl of Moray, grandson of Lulach, the son of Gruoch, grand daughter of Kenneth IV"
New Stat. [Statistical] Account

In the Year 1130, King David 1st. defeated Angus Earl of Moray, in a battle at Stracathro, in which it is said the Earl & nearly all his followers were killed. Quantities of Stone Cists have been found in this neighbourhood & when the Re or Rye Hillock near the Church of Stracathro was being reduced some years ago, a carefully constructed grave was found about 2ft. [feet] below the surface in which were human remains.
Memorials of Angus & Mearns p [page] 25

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Parish of Stracathro -- Co. [County] Forfar

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