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"and no where to permit the enemy to approach under cover. It is in the form of a parallelogram, extending from east to west by recent accurate measurement about 476 feet. At the east end the breadth is about 83 feet, & as the ascent is here easier than at other points, it is at the end defended by a sort of outwork about 52 feet distant from the wall. At about ½ the length of the whole, it widens considerably, and there are here, the slight vestiges of an inner wall. Towards the west end, which is somewhat lower down the hill, the breadth is about 125 feet, and this end there are the distinct traces of a well, which must have been made for the use of the Garrison. It is now impossible to ascertain the exact height and thickness of the walls, owing to the rubbish both on the outer and inner sides, being covered with moss and turf. Even in their present state however, they are in many places upwards of 10 feet high above the ground. It has been maintained by some, that these vitrifications are merely the results of the great beacon fires, which were wont to be lighted up on the summits of those hills, to alarm the surrounding tribes, in the time of danger and invasion. That it is of the forts or strongholds of those early tribes, who inhabited the country about the time of the invasion of the Romans, seems to be put beyond all doubt.
In farther proof that such places as the present on the hill of Finhaven were not mere signal stations, but the forts and strongholds of the early tribes, it may be mentioned, that in the immediate neighbourhood of such, there is generally found a Roman Camp of proportionate strength placed so as to watch, to check, and to overawe them. This holds good here. On the low grounds about 2½ miles to the northwest, on the sloping banks of the Lemno, there are the remains of a Roman Camp of very considerable magnitude. This is called the Camp of Battledykes".
New Stat. [Statistical] Account.
"On the top of the Hill of Finhaven are the remains of an old Castle; the foundation of the whole of it is yet visible. Its dimensions are 137 yards in length, and 37 in breadth, nearly in
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