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OATHLAW [parish] Oathlaw
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032; 033 "This parish appears to have been formerly known under the name of Finhaven. In the acts of the Parliament of Scotland, & in other old records, it is variously, spelled, Fynnevin, Ffinheaven, & Phinheaven. The name is evidently compounded of two Gaelic words: Fin, signifying white or clear, and Avon or Aven signifying a water or a river. At what time, or for what reason, the change of designation from Finhaven to Oathlaw took place, no very distinct trace can now be discovered. From some circumstances, however, it would appear that there had at one time been two Churches within the parish. The foundations of an old church called the Church of Aikenhauld, are still visible on a beautiful point of land, a little below the Castle of Finhaven at the junction of the Esk and the Lemno. From its situation in the immediate neighborhood of the Castle, this would appear to have been the original parish Church: & the present church of Oathlaw, which is 2 miles distant from it, may have been at first, perhaps, a chapelry belonging to it. In
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