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Site of TUMULUS [Panmure Testimonial on] Tumulus (site of)
Tumulus (site of)
Tumulus (site of)
Mr. Alexander, Craigton
Mr. Anderson, Carlungie
Mr. Fullerton, Ardestie Mains
051 [Situation] On Downie Hills
This tumulus which was excavated and removed for the purpose of laying the foundation of the Panmure Live and Let Live Testimonial, The excavation took some time as there had to be removed some 500 cart loads of rough stones, before the contents was brought to light, which consisted of a stone coffin and urn with some human bones, a spear and Gold Ferrule, This tumulus was undoubtedly erected as a sepulchral monument, Sepulchral Tumuli are scattered over the whole district, stone coffins and found in clusters and skulls as well as parts of human skeletons and frequently turned up by the plough, The neighbourhood has every appearance of having been the scene of at least one, if not a series of dreadful conflicts, whether arising from the invasion of the Danes or otherwise,

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