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"In the flourishing days of the Papacy the parish consisted of four distinct chapelries
1 Monifieth where the present church is situated. 2. Broughty where the remains
of the chapel are still visible on the boundary between this parish and that of
Dundee. Within the memory of man a considerable part of the fabric remained but the
stones having been found useful for building gradually disappeared so that little more
is now left besides the foundation. The circumjacent cemetery however is still in use"
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire p. [page] 541

There is some difference of opinion as to where this chapel stood some would maintain
that it stood within the walled in area of the little grave yard. But Mr. Andrew Spence who
is proprietor of the ground and houses around the grave and who has lived here very many
years pointed out the site to Sapper Jane and asserts that he dug up the foundation
of it as appears by recent correspondence with Corpl. [Corporal] Keely. There is good reason for taking
the site pointed out by Mr. Spence in preference to that shewn by others.

Note. Mr. Spence was lying sick at the time that I was in the country attending
to the remarks on the Name Sheets &c. of this parish
[Signed] James Carpenter C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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