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Chapel Tree
Chapel Tree
Bell Tree
Mr. Robert Collier - Farmer Balmossie
William Small - Grieve at Balmossie
Mrs. Morton - Brook Street Broughty Ferry
William Scott - Barnhill.
054 [Situation] About 10 chains West of Panmure Bleachfield
A large plane tree standing in an arable field which was formerly part of the farm of Barnhill but is now part of the lands attached to Panmure Bleachfield. Tradition points to this tree as being close to the site of an ancient chapel which stood here at and long prior to the Reformation. Mrs. Morton, an old lady residing at Broughty and whose father and grandfather occupied the farm of Barnhill states that in her younger days she often heard it said that the site of the Chapel was close to the Chapel Tree and she believes it stood close to the SE [South East] side of it. This statement is corroborated by Mr. Robert Collier farmer who is occupier of the lands of Barnhill, and Balmossie. Note as far as the writer of this could learn no one knows it by the name "Eglismonichty" except those who read the new Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Mr. Collier knows it by this name but it would appear to be from reading the above work but he argues
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