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Vitrified Fort (Remains of) [continued from page 37]

There are two large rectangular piles of stones within the fort, lately constructed
out of the rubbish which were dug up in the course of excavating for the
purpose of exploring the remains of the fort. There has been a good deal of vitrified
matter found in different parts of the fort. - Mr. Neish, the proprietor states that the
vitrified matter was not found in its original place but was built here & there into the walls
as if the fort underwent alterations or was reconstructed at some period or time after
the vitrification had taken place

Where the treasure of gold mentioned in the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] was found cannot be now
ascertained at least the precise spot cannot be pointed out. and perhaps never was
well known to any others except those who found it.

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