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Site of CAIRN [Kingennie] Site of Cairn
Site of Cairn
James Webster Farmer Kingennie
Robert Spalding Drumsturdy
050 [Situation] About 11 chains W by S. [West by South] of Kingennie farm house.
This is the site of an ancient Sepulchral Cairn which was removed several years by the present tenant of the farm & his brother. It consisted of upwards of 1000 Cart loads of stones which were all using in draining the land and building fences, &c, Underneath the Cairn was found a sort of stone Coffin rudely constructed enclosed in which was found an urn of rude workmanship of baked clay in which was a black earth or mould, among this mould were found several black beads of a very hard substance which perhaps had been worn on the neck as an ornament or as an amulet. The site was pointed out by the occupier of the land Mr. James Webster, also Robert Spalding of Drumsturdy remembers seeing the Cairn before it was entirely removed. Not far from this Cairn but in the adjoining parish another large Cairn was removed a few years ago which was known by the name of the Black Cairn.

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Parish of Monifieth Sheet 50. No. 16. Trace 2

Note. In the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] it is remarked
in relation to Cairn Greg that, "Numerous other cairns
within the circuit of a mile around the principal one
mark the burial place of the other slain." Enquiry
and research have been made concerning the cairns
here refered to but none of them could be discovered
except the one here described; at least not
within this parish.

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