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ST AIDAN'S WELL St Aidan's Well
St Aidan's Well
St Aidan's Well
St Aidan's Well
St Aidan's Well
Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Will Writer, Brechin
Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Anderson
John Watson Ledmore
Old Stat [Statistical] Account
026 "The church of Menmuir was in the diocese of Dunkeld, and dedicated to St Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, whose feast is held on the 31st. of August. A fountain near the church, now lost by drainage, long preserved his name in the metamorphosed form of St Iten and was believed to perform miraculous cures on such as were afflicted with Asthma and cutaneous diseases"
Land of the Lindsays
"It should seem, not only from legendary report, but from a fine spring which still goes by his name, that in the times of Popery, the Church here had been dedicated to St Aidan, which appelation was also given sometimes to the parish itself. This holy man was British; his name appears in some of our Kalendars; he flourished in the 7th. Century " Old Stat [Statistical] Account
The place where the well was can be seen in the hollow which it has left. The water issues from a spout at the roadside, of which some care seems to have been taken as it is built round.

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