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Graham's Hillock Knap / Continued 040 [continued from page 5]
not remarkably high above the ground around it, but it is easily observed: Nothing of remains have been got here, as far as the authorities know. The name Graham's Hillock so well known around has been adopted, but the Knap has been written in the character of antiquities. It is not known how Graham's Hillock has been derived. Several Knaps, upon the authority of Mr Fullarton, were in the same field as Grahams Hillock, but none of them are to be seen now.
BLACK LAWS Black Laws New Statistical Account
Mr Rodger Drumbertnot
Mr Fullarton Peat Loch
Mr. Salmond Arbikie
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Hay
040 The Knaps on the farm of Arbikie, known in the locality as the "Black Laws", with the dorsum or ridge in connection are almost demolished (40-4 Trace 4). Very faint traces exist of the Knap at the end of the dorsum (See quotation from N. Statl. [New Statistical] Account). The other Knap or Law is represented also as it appears at present & the ridge, which is not remembered to have been the length of 800 yards, as stated in the N.S. [New Statistical] Account, is shewn also as it appears now. These & the Knap of Graham's Hillock are the only Knaps in Lunan Parish which the best authorities referred to regard as positive remains of the numerous antiquities called "Knaps" - As stated in the Account quoted in connexion with the Knaps in the Parish, "every Farm had its Knap" and every eminence almost is so termed by the people. Care has been observed in getting information of them to note what were entitled to the term either from usage or their antiquity according to the descriptions given in the Account of the Parish quoted. One of the Knaps of Newton referred to in the N. S. [New Statistical] Account, may be identified with that in the Fause Castle field - the other is not to be seen now. The "Knap of Cothill", with Grahams Hillock; the Cotton Knap understood as the Cot-town of Cothill is, with the cot-houses, away. The "Knap O' Castle" is not known even by the name. The "Deils Knap" as a name is well known. The Tumuli and Dorsum are the "Black Laws" in Arbikie.

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Co [County] Forfar -- Lunan Parish

Black Laws [note]
The Revd [Reverend] writer of the New Statistical Account
seems to have been carried away by his
antiquarian tastes to giving an undue
prominence and importance to these small
natural hillocks and outcroppings of surface rock.
[Initialled] JB Major R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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