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QUEEN'S WELL Queen's Well
Queen's Well
Queen's Well
Queen's Well
Brechin Advertiser
Rev. [Reverend] W. Low
James Mitchell, Glenmark
Mr. Stocks, Factor
006 Her Majesty Queen Victoria in passing from Balmoral to Invermark Lodge, in September last (1861) took a draught of this spring and at the request of the Earl of Dalhousie was pleased to grant that this well be called by this name henceforth; It is already (November) well known by it, - It is a very remarkable spring and exceedingly pure water.
Site of ROCKING STONE [Gilfumman] Site of Rocking Stone
Site of Rocking Stone
Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Inglis, Baillies
006 "Within the recollection of some living inhabitants the rocking stone of Gilfumman was an entire and interesting object. The stone was well known in the neighbourhood and long considered an infallible discloser of future events; but some mischievous idlers having removed it from its magic pivot, it now lies a large unheeded block at the foot of the mountains",
Jarvise's Land of the Lindsays
Mr. Inglis Farmer, Bailies, is the only person who recollects seeing it, and though he cannot now point out the exact spot where it stood - it being 30 years since he saw it - considers the part indicated on trace to be very near the place, There being so many large stones at the foot of the mountain it is impossible to pick out the one mentioned above by Mr. Jarvise.

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