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WATER OF TARF Water of Tarf
Water of Tarf
Water of Tarf
Water of Tarf
Water of Tarf
Water of Tarf
David Inglis, Baillies.
Duncan Michie Ground Officer
Land of the Lindsays
Old Statistical Account
New Stat [Statistical] Account
Jervise's Memorials
002 A water of considerable size and length having its source on the southern slope of "Cock Cairn", & bearing this name from the confluence of "West Grain" "Mid Grain" & "East Grain" at "Pullar Cuy" pursues a rapid, and southerly course, and falls into "River North Esk" about half a mile, south of "Tarfside", "Gold is said to abound in the Tarf, particularly at Gracie's Linn (a place so called from a person of that name having been drowned there), where it is said to have been so plentiful at one time, that a lucky lad, in passing the ford gathered his pockets full of it!" (Jervise's Land of the Lindsays)
See description of Gracie's Linn,

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