List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CRAIG OF BALINTORE Craig of Balintore
Craig of Balintore
Craig of Balintore
Mr. Thomas McKay
Mr. Wilson Balintore
Mr. James McKay, Auldallan
031 A tolerably sized hill of a ridge like shape, its surface consists of heathy pasture and some few scattered rocks.
BURNSIDE OF BALINTORE Burnside of Balintore
Burnside of Balintore
Mr. Thosma McKay
Mr. Wilson
Mr. James McKay Auldallan
031 A dwelling house and offices, formerly had a farm of land attached, which is now Blended with that of Balintore
Thomas McKay Occr. [Occupier]
Rent Receipts
Val. [Valuation] Roll (1861)
031 A fine farm house and offices the property of Thomas Ogilvy Esq. of Ruthven House.
STANDING STONES [Knowhead] Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Mr. McKay Auldallan
Thomas McKay, Knowhead
Mr. Fenton Purgavie
031 A short distance South of this farm house [Knowhead] are 2 Standing Stones one about 7 feet high and the other about 6. They are of a slab form, something resembling the lid of a Coffin. There are no tradition relative to them in the locality, altho' [although] beleived to be Monuments of Antiquity.

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