List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SCHOOL [Cothelhill] School
Mr. James Milne, Teacher
Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Cree Ph. [Parish] Minister
030 A shool house (Parochial) with a dwelling house and garden attached, situated on the side of the Melgam a short distance north of the Church,
SCHOOL John Black Esq. Airlie Estate Office Kirriemuir New School, the old being damaged
SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY [Cothelhill] School of Industry
School of Industry
Mr. James Milne
Rev. Reverend] Mr. Cree
030 A small school house having a dwelling and garden attached It was built and is supported by the Earl of Airlie
Mr. John Wilson Bridgend
Mr. James Milne
Val. [Valuation] Roll (1861) & 1859
County Map
030 2 small dwelling houses, the property of the Earl of Airlie
HANGMAN'S ACRE Hangman's Acre
Hangman's Acre
Hangman's Acre
Mr. James Milne
Mr. Adam, Bottom
Mr. John Wilson
030 This name applies to the corner of field a little N.E. [North East] of Cothelhill. Mr. Wilson & Adam say that there was a a small enclosed plot of ground here Occupied by the Hangman of the district in feudal times, see descriptive remarks for Gallow Knowe in the N.S. [Name Sheet] for adjoining plan 31-9

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[Entry for School has been crossed out in Names column, with note]
Cancelled by Authority of John Black Esq.
Airlie Estate Office, Kirriemuir.

Hangman's Acre [note]
"About a ¼ mile N.N.E. [North North East] of the Church there is an artificial
eminence (the Gallow Knowe on plan 31.9) on this spot a
gibbet was erected for the unfortunate persons whom the servile
court of a Despotic baron condemned to death. Vestiges of
the hangman's habitation appear at the foot of the tumuli (cannot
be identified) & the name of a neighbouring plot of land perpetuates the memory
of this infamous practice" New Statistical Account

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