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Peter Smith
Mr. Adam
Mr. Miln Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster & Registrar
030 A small dwelling house and byre attached occupied by an agricultural Labourer in the employment of the adjoining farm
Peter Smith
Mr. Adam
Mr. Fenton Foldend
John Wilson Bridgend
030 A few small cot houses in bad repair on the farm Wester Coul

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[Notes relating to Quharity Burn on page 46]
Glen Quharity not written on any of the Plans
Should it not be written?

Rises on Cat Law - flows southward and takes this from its source on 6 inch sheet 23
flows south down through 30/4 - and on 30/8 at Newton the name ends - here at Newton
a stream or Drain goes East - formerly called Carity Burn on 30/8 - 31/5 - 31/1-2 this
latter has now no name - on the authority of the Proprietor G. Lyon Esq. - as on page 46.
OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office] 19. June 1862.

Instead of flowing eastward
as formerly, the water of the
Carity or Quharity has been
diverted south by an em-
bankment at Newton.
[Initialled] J.B. Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

The Carity being here supplemented by the
considerable stream coming down by Burnside
or the Knowheads here retains its old name
till its confluence with the River South Esk.
Mr Lyon is not the Proprietor here.
[Initialled] J.B. Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

Glen Quharity This name has been restored at the particular request of the present Proprietor of Balintore.
(D. Lyon Esqre.) and is applicable to the Glen through which the Quharity Burn flows - the
name repeatedly occurs in the old deeds and writings of the property, and was written apparently to farms
of "Easter Glenquharity" and Wester Glenquharity. The name has been written on Sheet 23 Trace 12
[Signed] J. Bayly Lt.Col. RE [Lieutenant Colonel Royal Engineers]

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