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STONE COFFIN OR KISTVAEN (Found Here) [Balgarthno] Stone Coffin found here A Findley, Grieve, Balgarthno
Mr. Dickson Ph. Schoolmtr. [Parish Schoolmaster]
New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account]
053 [Situation] In the adjoining field NE [North East] side of Bullionfield Paper Works
The places where these Coffins were found were pointed out to me by A Findley, Grieve at Balgarthno. The one to the west, near to the Paddock stone, was turned up a great many years ago. It was of the usual rude construction and contained a little mould and no human bones: the exact spot where it was found is not now known, but it is embraced on trace within the blue circle. The other to the east, and near the centre of a large field was found a year ago. It contained also a little mould and no human bones. It was constructed of rude flags and was turned up when draining.

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[Page] 53
Parish of Liff and Benvie -- Sheet 53 No. 7 trace 5.

The above designation to be written to each
of the places mentioned in the annexed Descriptive
Rks. [Remarks] where a Stone Coffin was found.

"On the farm of Balgartno near the Tay the plough
is still frequently interrupted by Stone Coffins, as they
are termed, of very rude Construction. They abound
particularly in the vicinity of the large boulder above
noticed." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire p. [page] 581.

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