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DRUIDICAL TEMPLE (Remains of) [Den Mill] Remains of a Druidical Temple Mr Wilson Charleston
New: Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account]
Forfarshire Illustrated
Mr. Dickson, Ph. Schoolmtr. [Parish Schoolmaster]
053 [Situation] About 19 chains S E by E. [South East by East] of Den mill. This appellation applies to nine large boulders, arranged in a circle and situated on Charleston farm, near the centre of a large arable field. They are referred to in many books as being the remains of a druidical temple, and are so recognised in the neighbourhood. There is no tradition connected with them. The boulder standing due west is upright and about 6 feet high. The others, though of extensive dimensions, are nearly level with the surface of the ground, apparently having been voilently broken and thus reduced in size. The circle is very perfect and about 20 ft. [feet] in diameter. The farmer, by a clause in his lease, is not allowed to destroy or remove these stones.

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Parish of Liff and Benvie -- Sheet 53 No. 7 trace 3 [at top of page]

"Antiquities. - Under this head may be mentioned a temple
Called Druidical measuring in Circumference about 43 yards."
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 13 p. [page] 115

The Druidical temple mentioned in the former account of
the parish consisting of nine large rude stones is still to
be seen. The enclosed space is circular about ten feet in diameter
New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire page 579

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